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When you purchase a PHYSICAL photograph, you are not just buying ink on a sheet of paper. You are not just paying for the photographer’s photography and editing skills.

When you purchase a physical photograph, you’re investing in the legacy of your family, in the now and in the future. You’re setting up those treasured family occasions where everyone gathers around as Grandma flips through the old family album. You’re setting up the event, in the future, where your great grandchildren rummage through a closet and find that old shoe box full of photos of you as beautiful as you are today.

When you purchase a photograph, you’re nudging the future. You’re creating family moments that spark story telling, cries of laughter and of passing down of knowledge of ancestry, of who’s who in your family. You’re prompting a sense of togetherness.

A togetherness that won’t happen if, after your portrait session, you only purchased a CD (a CD that you can no longer put in your Mac computer). Or you opted for the USB that’s now misplaced and long gone because it’s a mere inch and a half long.

Technology advances every year, every day, every second, leaving behind even the most recent inventions that are created to simplify your life.

But the technology of that ink on that paper will never be outdated. If you take care of your physical photographs, they will provide those family moments that are disappearing in this ever digital age.

For yourself, for your family, purchase physical photographs. Affect the future, shape those memories, forge that togetherness.

This P.S.A. has been brought to you by New Orleans portrait photographer, Britt Smith.


Look how cute I was as a kid!


P.S. How will you reminisce with digital photos in the zombie apocalypse? 😉

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