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I was asked by my friend, Natalie, to do a boudoir shoot.  She had not long ago broken up with her fiance, so I knew she needed an emotional boost.  Being pampered with hair and makeup and a photo shoot could do just the thing.

Her childhood friend, Jessie, who is an amazing tattoo artist and painter did the hair and makeup for the shoot. (She’s a woman of many talents!)

Natalie is such an open person; I was surprised to see that she was so nervous when we started the shoot.  But all the nerves eventually melted away as the shoot went on; we can’t help but be completely goofy when we’re together. She loved the entire set of final edits and bought them all!  This is what she text me:  I like them all!  Not even like, it’s kinda like an obsessed love of myself in them LOL.

I hope I helped her see that she is beautiful, despite what was going on in her life.  You’ll be happy to know that she has completely moved on and found a new love and couldn’t be happier.  It’s kind of disgusting, how happy they are together. 😉

I wish Natalie a future full of joy!

Here are a few safe for work shots.

Underexposed Photography-Nat   Underexposed Photography-Nat Underexposed Photography-Nat

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