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But won’t any nice picture be good enough? Does it need to be a professional headshot? 

To illustrate the answer to that question, consider two job candidates, Meg and Sara. 

Sara’s LinkedIn page features a professional headshot along with evidence of her career experience. In the headshot, Sara wears a nice blouse and smiles under perfectly adjusted lighting that flatters her features. 

Meg also has a well-tended LinkedIn account, which features a selfie she took in her bathroom mirror. 

When the firm compares each candidate’s LinkedIn page, they conclude that Sara is a more viable hire. The reason? Sara’s headshot strikes them as warm and professional. On the other hand, Meg’s selfie comes across as childish and even a bit careless.

Is the above scenario an accurate depiction of how much of a difference a professional headshot can make? It is.

In fact, according to Catherine Fisher of LinkedIn, “Members who include a profile photo receive 21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages.”

Fisher’s research is in harmony with the observations of Dan St. Louis, who advised, “Professional headshots make you look 76% more competent,” in the article, 4 Statistics That Prove Social-Media is Critical for Job Seekers.




Even for executives who’ve already landed the job of their dreams and now aim to make lasting connections with clients, a professional headshot can make a difference in their success. 

“Corporate headshots can build trust among clients,” Adam Jacobs said in a 2021 Forbes article. 

Just as prospective employers want to see who a candidate is, prospective clients often feel more comfortable when they see a picture of the executive they’ll be collaborating with. 

You might liken it to shopping for clothing online. 

If you’re going to invest in an outfit, would you rather see a written description of the outfit or a description and a photo of the actual outfit? 

Of course you’d want to see the clothing before spending money on it! 

Similarly, we feel more at ease with someone when we know what they look like. And a professional photographer will make sure to highlight their subject’s best features when they take their picture. 

So, if you’re looking to expand your career, begin by investing in yourself with the perfect professional headshot!


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