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Soon, we’ll be gearing up for a new year and this means updating is your headshots.  Whether they’re for your website, LinkedIn, Instagram, or business card, you need clear and accurate images of yourself to represent you when you.

Can a professional headshot really help my career?

Professional headshots can boost career growth for job seekers and experienced executives.  To illustrate how this is true, consider a fairly common occurrence, a job interview.

An internationally acclaimed firm is hiring. Two candidates arrive to interview for the job opening. One wears shorts, a t-shirt, flip-flops and dark sunglasses. The other wears an expensive suit and a nice pair of shoes.

Which candidate do you think makes the better impression?

We know that when we show up for an interview, appearance matters. We wear our best and most appropriate clothing and we groom ourselves with care because we want to make the right impression.

But there’s a way to make the right impression before the interview process begins. It boils down to including a professional headshot on your LinkedIn account, online resume or portfolio as well as on your business-related social media accounts.

Employers want to know your story, and every book needs a cover

Potential employers want to know your story and making a positive visual impression matters.

Just as most readers who are looking for a good book first examine the book’s cover, most potential employers want an initial visual of what you look like. Seeing your warm smile and professional demeanor reassures them that you’re a great fit for their company.

So, share the story of who you are by including the right “cover,” a professional headshot!

A Career Builder survey claimed that, “70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring.”

This is why, in addition to creating a strong resume, partnering with the right employment seeking platforms, and tapping into their network for leads, job seekers should also invest in a professional headshot.


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