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Underexposed Photography sleeping newborn Portraits New Orleans

This newborn shoot brought to my attention that I’d never really “handled” a newborn. Sure, I’ve held one for five minutes while sitting safely in a hospital chair. But I’ve never had the chance to actually be around such a tiny human being and soak up all their baby-ness.

Little Miss Lainey Rose was just 11 days old and as precious as can be. She mostly slept (who wouldn’t if you were snuggled in a heating pad and a plush blanket) but she’d sneak a peek at me or yawn the tiniest yawn and smile every once in a while.

I lucked up with bringing my brand new gold, sequin backdrop. The baby shower colors were gold and pink!

To all the new mothers out there booking your baby’s newborn shoot: They will pee and poop…and sometimes it gets on the props. THAT IS OKAY. IT IS EXPECTED. Lainey’s mother was mortified when it happened during the shoot. No matter how much I assured her that it was normal and everything was fine, she felt so embarrassed. Baby poop should not scare a newborn photographer…unless the baby poops directly on them.  That might hurt my self-esteem a tiny bit. Haha!

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