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Kayla is a friend of my model buddy, Ashton (whom you will hear more about in the future).  They pretty much grew up together and consider each other sisters.  Kayla contacted me about doing a shoot as a going away present for her boyfriend.  She was going away to intern at Disney World for four months.

She also stated that ever since Ashton and I have been working together, she’s noticed how Ashton has become more confident and secure in herself.  She wants that too. I can’t take credit for growing anyone’s confidence, but I do think having beautiful photos taken of yourself can help you see yourself in a different light.  That’s part of what I hope to do with my Beauty Portrait sessions.

I hope I was able to help her see herself more positively.  She loved her photos and I have some new favorites of my own from this shoot.

And she’s already mentioned doing another shoot, but with our friend Ashton. Time to brainstorm!

P.S.  I LOVE her wavy, red hair!



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