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I first met Jessica at a bridal shoot that I did with a couple of friends (who happen to be a hair stylist and a makeup artist).  She was one of our three models and friends of the hairstylist.  She loved the shots I got of her from that shoot.  So when Jessica decided to do a boudoir shoot, she called me.  She wanted to do the shoot as a birthday gift for her husband.  I was so excited to shoot with her again because she was so much fun at the bridal shoot.

We shot at her beautiful home, as well as at Fairview State Park in Madisonville (a beautiful place if you ever get the chance to go).  Unfortunately, we had to shoot quickly because it was 100 degrees out there!

In the end, we had a wonderful shoot, she loved the shots we got and I also shot a few new favorites of my own.
Hopefully, I get the opportunity to work with Jessica again.  She is absolutely delightful and completely spoils me when it comes to posing.

Underexposed Photography Jessica 044

Underexposed Photography Jessica040

Underexposed Photography Jessica 039

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