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Underexposed Photography New Orleans photographer

Fine Mister Frankie, here, accepted my proposal that he be my model for my first ever fitness photoshoot.

Underexposed Photography-Frankie 030 blog

We both have a lot to learn about fitness posing, haha!

I love the shots I got and it turned more into fine art shoot that a fitness shoot. That’s alright with me, those are my photographic roots!

All my life, I’ve freaked out over the vein popping images on the cover of all the magazines for men’s health and fitness. I learned that they do that on purpose and the term that describes that “terrifying veins about to burst” look is “vascularity”. Now I have a name for that which makes me queasy.

Underexposed Photography-Frankie 011 blog

THAT! That weirds me out! But I get it.

Anyway, Frankie is a cancer survivor. He wants to be an inspiration to people fighting cancer, to show them that they can get through it, that they can get their health back and feel good about themselves. He plans on starting a website to reach out, tell his story and help guide people to and on a path of physical health. Dude is a super nerd about health and knows the science of it.

Here’s to Frankie and his continued health!!!
Underexposed Photography-Frankie 015 blog

Here, you can see the scar from his surgery.

Underexposed Photography-Frankie 003 blog

Underexposed Photography-Frankie 017 blog

Underexposed Photography-Frankie 018 blog

Underexposed Photography-Frankie 012 blog

Underexposed Photography-Frankie 023 blog

Okay, ladies, pick your jaw up from off the floor. [wink]

Good day.

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