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I keep forgetting to post about this…


It’s a romance novel trilogy titled, What They Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt Them).

Book one was just released this past Tuesday, March 22nd.

I bought it both as an e-book ($1.99) and as a physical book (That I will NEVER crack open; my precious) . When I first started reading it, I told myself, “One chapter, then go to sleep”. I read the prologue and the first five chapters!

Go get yourself a copy of book one on Amazon.

Here’s what it looks like!

Vol1 Book Cover

Let me back up a little bit. The author, O.Y. Flemming found my photos on my facebook page just a few months ago. She said they were what she had envisioned for her covers for almost TWO YEARS. Now, these photos were from a shoot from back in 2011! It was my very first time working with local model and actress, Ashton Akridge (whom I’ve posted about before). In the days before the shoot, I had no idea what we were going to shoot. Ashton happened to post a photo of herself in her “work outfit of the day”. She was wearing that wide brim hat. I told her, “BRING THAT HAT!” I ended up shooting a series of images of her in that black hat, vest and trousers.


I only had two shots from that shoot posted and Ms. Flemming expressed how she wished there was a third. I went digging in my archives to find the rest, from which she chose her third book cover.

SO, book one is out. Book two and three will be released in July and September (as far as I know now).

I am SO EXCITED AND BEYOND HONORED to have my work on the covers of a trilogy!

Thank you, O.Y. Flemming, for for not giving up on the search!

Thank you, Ashton, for being an amazing model.

And thank You, God, for aligning all our paths!

I can’t wait to have all three books together, so I can just stare at them! (just kidding…no, I’m not).

Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut, but I’m still pretty proud of.

Underexposed Photography-Ashton-001 Underexposed Photography-Ashton-002 Underexposed Photography-Ashton-003


To read my older post about a later shoot Ashton and I did, click here. It involves gold leaf!!!

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