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Whitney has been a client and friend of mine for YEARS. So when she signed up for as As You Are Session, I was so excited.

For those of you who don’t know, Whitney is an interior designer, an AMAZING one. I’ve had the privilege of photographing her work on many occasions. She also has a décor boutique at 847 Third Street in Gretna. My very first studio was in that building. Whitney was gracious enough to offer me a space there when she first leased the place. I can never thank her enough or that opportunity and for believing in me.

The boutique is open on Fridays and Saturdays, from 10a-5p. Whitney also hosts monthly decorating workshops, as well as Sip & Shop events. 

In fact, the net Sip & Shop is this Saturday, August the 5th from 12-7p. Be sure to stop by!

1. What made you book an As You Are Session?


I love your portrait shoots and because I made such a drastic physical change to my appearance (shaving my head bald), I wanted to feel pretty and pampered. 


2. In regards to loving yourself as you are, what small piece of advice would you give your younger self.


Take your time. Everything that you really want, you’ll get with time and everything that you don’t have or get, you don’t need it anyway.


3. What does self acceptance mean to you?


For me, self-acceptance is waking up everyday and understanding I’m ENOUGH. I’m enough on my good days, bad days, and even on the days that I don’t feel so pretty. I’m enough when I make mistakes and I’m enough when I fail at something I try hard at. No matter who or what happens around me, I am still enough just as I am.


4. What would you like to tell other women about your session?


It’s a blast! Bring a couple extra outfits, even if you’re only able to wear one or two, because the one you thought you’d wear may not fit the energy you’re feeling on the day of the shoot.

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