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Delaney is a return client of mine. This was her THIRD photoshoot with me. The first was a family portrait session, then a branding session. This go around, she wanted to focus on herself, not family, not work, just her.

I wish more mothers would make some time to just be, that they would take up some space just for themselves.

1. What made you book an As You Are Session?


There were several reasons I booked this session.  1) I wanted to do a photoshoot when I turned 40, and time was getting away from me. We shot these photos 5 days before I turned 41. So I’m still 40 in these pics.  2) In 2023, I committed to changing my lifestyle and being healthier, which has led to weight loss. I had a lot of self esteem issues in my 20s and 30s, and it took a lot of work for me to love my juicy body. Truly, it took work to look in the mirror and love myself, love myself naked, love myself clothed, all of it. Once I started losing weight, it felt like it wasn’t coming off proportionally. I know I feel better, but I can’t physically see that I look better. I look in the mirror and see my body as melted. I literally have dysmorphia. I don’t see the actual reflection, but rather a distorted view based on my own mental health issues because I am grieving the large and in charge body that I loved. I wanted photos that depicted me in my new body that I could see everyday and actually see myself.  And 3) My friend Whitney had done a session and she absolutely sold me on it. Any hesitation I had about making the time or spending the money disappeared after she told me what a great experience it was for her.


2. In regards to loving yourself as you are, what small piece of advice would you give your younger self?


You have *always* had incredible self-confidence about your intellect and other character traits. You’ve always been a leader, a mentor, and a friend. Don’t allow small-minded people to make you feel less physically beautiful because you would never allow them to make you feel less capable. You are an amazing person who is beautiful inside and out. Put on some lipstick, girl. Add color to your wardrobe. Let your personality shine through your fashion sense. Be loud and bold, as you always have been.


3. What does self acceptance mean to you?


Self acceptance is the most all-encompassing form of self love. It’s smiling when you catch your reflection in the rear-view mirror, despite the bags under your eyes. It’s flipping your hair on the worst hair day. It’s moving confidently and purposefully through this world because you are so comfortable with yourself. Some days you’ll be tired, and others your hair is just a mess, and that’s ok. You’re a girl boss and you know it.


4. What would you like to tell other women about your session?


Just book it already! You will leave feeling relaxed and beautiful. Seeing your finished photos will give you new confidence in yourself.

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