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2013 RAWAwards with Trapped in Time Designs

[Back when I shot this, I didn’t yet have my website fully up and ready, so I never blogged about it. Here it is now.]

Last year (2012), I was blessed to meet an amazing and inspiring fellow artist by the name of Mairi (pronounced like Mario, without the “O”, as she says it). She is the creator and sole person behind Trapped in Time Designs, a clothing line that beautifully blends Victorian and vintage with whimsy and fairy tales. She asked me to model for her once and I felt like royalty in her designs.

In 2013, Mairi was one of three finalists for the RAWAwards runway show, held at Eiffel Society. She enlisted me as her photographer for a pre-event shoot.

We decided to do the shoot in the elevator foyer in the hotel where Mairi booked a room. In the middle of the shoot, a security guard came up saying that my flash caught the eye of the security team and asked us to stop shooting since we didn’t permission to shoot (BOO!) Luckily, one of the models was super feisty and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and summoned the assistant manager. He ended up giving us another 20 minutes to shoot. Then, we moved the shoot, and all six models back into the tiny hotel room to finish. Honestly, those room are the best shots. Check them out.

trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-nolachick-underexposedphotography3 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-nolachick-underexposedphotography1 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-jennifer-underexposedphotography3 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-jennifer-underexposedphotography1 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-elizabeth-underexposedphotography4 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-elizabeth-underexposedphotography1 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-ashton-underexposedphotography2 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-ashton-underexposedphotography1 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-mary-underexposedphotography3 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-mary-underexposedphotography1 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-amber-underexposedphotography4 trapped-in-time-designs-amandabravender-amber-underexposedphotography1

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All hair and makeup was done by AHB Hair and Makeup Services.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to have me photograph your event!

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