Name Change

I’ve changed my name. Well, not my actual name, but my company name. One goal I have is to do commercial work and in an effort to be taken seriously by ad agencies and editors and other powers that be, I have  changed “Underexposed Photography” to “Britt Smith Photography”. I was going to gradually change…

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Cinco de Mayo!

Actually, Cuatro de Mayo This Wednesday, from 6-9 pm,  I will be exhibiting at Design A Latte, at 3363 Severn Ave, Suite 9 in Metairie! Swing by and enter for a chance to win door prizes, one of which is a gift voucher for a Beauty Portrait Session with me!  Come by and check out…

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I keep forgetting to post about this… THREE OF MY PHOTOS WILL BE PUBLISHED AS BOOK COVERS THIS YEAR!!! It’s a romance novel trilogy titled, What They Don’t Know (Won’t Hurt Them). Book one was just released this past Tuesday, March 22nd. I bought it both as an e-book ($1.99) and as a physical book…

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New Orleans Metairie Photographer Prom Portraits

Pretty Prom Portraits

Get prom portraits that will stand out from the rest. I am now booking prom portrait sessions for the month of April! You will get fashion and fine art inspired photos that stand out from the rest and make the most of all your effort of finding the perfect dress and getting your hair and…

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Underexposed Photography sleeping newborn Portraits New Orleans

My Very First Newborn Shoot

This newborn shoot brought to my attention that I’d never really “handled” a newborn. Sure, I’ve held one for five minutes while sitting safely in a hospital chair. But I’ve never had the chance to actually be around such a tiny human being and soak up all their baby-ness. Little Miss Lainey Rose was just…

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Underexposed Photography New Orleans photographer

Steampunk……(steampunk, diesel punk, or something punk) I had no idea there were so many sub-genres. I just know I like what I’ve seen so far. Working with Mairi, of Trapped in Time Designs, has led me to the doorstep of Airship Isabella Productions at 521 Lyons Street, NOLA. Mairi scouted their gorgeous little shop as…

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